New Patient Center

What To Expect

Dr Braun splits your initial visit into three parts which include initial consultation, thorough examination and gentle treatment.  Your initial visit can take anywhere from 30-50 minutes, depending upon the complexity of your case.

X-rays services are available in office, but are not a mandatory part of the initial visit.  They are based on specific criteria of need.

As part of your initial visit Dr Braun completes a thorough neurologic and orthopedic examination which includes a painless computerized diagnostic exam to determine areas of heat and muscle tightness along your spinal column.

New patients can generally be accommodated on the date of request or within 2 days.

Dr Braun prides himself on being conscientious to your needs and concerns and will vary his treatments  to the level of comfort that you can tolerate.  He can use a more gentle touch based upon patients comfort level or concerns.

Follow up appointments take between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on need.

Occasional follow up visits are recommended for optimal health but are not required.  Some patients visit weekly until their symptoms are healed while others visit only as needed, even once or twice a year.  We work out a schedule based on lifestyle, schedule and budget.

Payment Options

Cash, check,  Mastercard and VISA are accepted.

Braun Chiropractic is in network with major insurance carriers, including Medicare, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and United Healthcare.  Other private insurance carriers can be billed on the patient’s behalf, depending upon coverage.