Dr. Braun primarily utilizes a gentle yet firm "hands on" manipulative method as a means to help alleviate symptoms and restore function.  He also is trained in a multitude of other techniques including the activator method, Thompson drop-release table, myofasical release and Cox lumbar traction to name a few. Dr Braun  treats pregnancy related symptoms using the gentle Webster technique, and even treats infants using gentle techniques to help with birth related symptoms.

Therapies and Exercise

Dr. Braun is a board certified physiotherapist since 1998 and provides electrotherapy methods such as ultasound and electrical muscle stimulation to help treat swelling and muscle spasms.  He is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist (C.S.C.S.) since 1998 and will provide you customized education on excercises and/or stretches.

X-Ray Services

Dr. Braun provides x-rays when necessary and will review initial results prior to treatment with a written report completed later.

Computerized Diagnostic Examination

Dr. Braun provides each patient a computerized diagnostic test on the initial examination at no extra charge.  This surface thermal imaging and muscle tightness exam is painless and reveals general regions of skin surface temperature and muscle tightness imbalances that help guide his care.  A copy of the results of this exam will be provided if requested at no charge.  This surface exam is repeated periodically to help assess progress.

Sports Physicals

Dr. Braun treats many sports related injuries and provides CHSSAA approved pre-participation athletic physicals for students.